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"Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity." - J. W. von Goethe

Whether you are a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist or reflexology practitioner, leaving a 9-5 job and devoting yourself to doing what you love - teaching or working with clients -  is something that most practitioners aspire to do. But, although setting up and running your own professional practice can be an extremely fulfilling experience, it is often such a complicated and daunting prospect, involving lots of uncertainty and stress, that most of us simply don't know when or how to make that crucial first step.

fresh is the new programme of workshops and courses designed for all those who are planning to or are already in the process of setting up and running their own business or professional practice.

Developing a successful practice in an area as saturated with a variety of alternative and not-so-alternative practitioners and therapists as Brighton & Hove indisputably is, can be a very difficult task. A competitive market is a good thing as it pushes everyone towards expecting and delivering  high quality service, but even if you yourself know that the service you offer is of a very high standard (and those people who had the opportunity to experience it were more than pleased), it is hard to know how to develop and maintain a successful professional practice that will satisfy your professional, personal and financial needs. In other words, you have to find ways to lure  people into trying out your service and becoming your avid followers.

fresh open education initiative offers results-driven coaching & training packages that will enable you to stand out from the crowd and acquire a sufficiently large and stable base of clients or pupils.

One-on-one business coaching & development support available upon request.



fresh Events

17th June - 12th July 2014 The Empowered Holistic Entrepreneur ONLINE COURSE      
Next date TBA Business Self-Coaching Workshop       




The Empowered Holistic Entrepreneur ONLINE WEBINAR

4-week online business course for holistic therapists and self-help business
       owners who want to fulfil their potential and grow a successful business.

         Workshop facilitator: Katalin Swann (Empowerment Life Coach @ 4H Empowerment Coaching)

- Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting or growing your own business?
Do you find yourself procrastinating?
- Do you lack motivation and drive?
- Do you feel stuck or on the verge of giving up the idea of having your own business?
If you answered yes, then this workshop is for you.

The course is designed for holistic therapists such as Healers, Life Coaches, Hypnotherapists, NLP Coaches and aspiring transformational experts who are at the beginning of their therapy business journey as well as for those who have been in business for a while however are not yet making a living out of their therapy businesses. It aims to help you lay solid foundations for your business and it assist you in creating a business that is personally fulfilling and at the same time financially rewarding. 

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The online course commences on the 17th June 2014 and consist of 4 x 45 minute training audio and 2 x 60 minute Q&A sessions. You will also receive a 45 minute One to One Holistic Business Empowerment Coaching/Mentoring session via Skype or Phone with Katalin or one of her colleagues after the training is completed.

The Q&A sessions are recorded, therefore if you miss the scheduled sessions you can catch up and listen at your convenience. You can submit questions for the Q&A sessions prior to the date indicated and Katalin will answer your questions on the scheduled date.

Topics covered:
Week 1 - 17th June: CLARITY
Uncover your passion and vision – Clarify your business model – Get clarity on services, programmes and products you are going to offer Identify your audience and how you can reach them - Clarify your unique, personal niche
Week 2 - 24th June: CLARITY + MIND
Learn about marketing strategies for holistic/therapy businesses - Identify the marketing strategies that are best fit for you and your business (I will provide experiential exercises to help you unearth the best fit for you.) – Overcome procrastination - Get past your fear
                28th June: Live Online Q & A session
Week 3 - 1st July: PLAN + MIND
Create an outline for a programme or/and information product that is going to be unique to your business – Draw up your marketing plan and create your marketing funnel - Overcome overwhelm – Time Management strategy for success – Tools and techniques to become motivated, resilient and focused
Week 4 - 8th July: PLAN
Draw up your business plan – Create a Success Mindset Plan – Identify clear steps of action – Take the first step toward becoming a successful therapist, Solopreneur or Entrepreneur
                12th July: Live Online Q & A session
You will also have access to
Katalin's closed Holistic Entrepreneur Facebook group where you can ask her and and other group members questions, post comments and enjoy being part of a supportive group of holistic therapists and entrepreneurs.

Course fee: £125
Payment via BACS, PAYPAL or cheque is required at the time of booking. Contact us for details.


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Business Self-Coaching Workshop

Workshop facilitators:
Nikola Goranovic

Business Consultant & Coach, NLP & wingwave® Coach and Trainer
Business Development Director @ INNERNATION Coaching & Development
Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic

Experimental Psychologist &
Programme Director @ INNERNATION Coaching & Development

Setting up and running your own professional practice or business can be a very fulfilling experience and is something that many people contemplate at different times of their lives. Often, however, running a business can be such a complicated and daunting prospect, involving lots of uncertainty and stress, that most of us simply don't know when or how to make that crucial first step.

Nikola and Jelena have come to the world of running their own business from two very different backgrounds: corporate and academic. Over the last few years, they have combined and applied their diverse professionals skills, knowledge and personal interests to develop their company INNERNATION Coaching & Development, and position it on the market as one of the leading providers of professional training for coaching and other health-related professionals in Brighton. In addition to building their portfolio of professional traning courses, they have also founded the community stress management programme Hove StressBusters with the idea of educating the public about the different mainstream and complementary health approaches to stress management. This unique programme has grown into a thriving community of practitioners and public members eager to share their professional skills and insights and support each other in their professional and personal development.

The last few years have been a steep learning curve for Jelena and Nikola as they both had to adapt to a very different environment from the one they were used to: Nikola had to adjust to applying his coaching, training and business development skills outside of the corporate environment, whereas Jelena had to let go of the theoretical detachment and safety of academic work and learn what it's like to start and run a private business.

This workshop is designed to give some practical coaching and business development tools and tips to all those who are planning to or are already in the process of setting up and running their own business. Learn how to achieve and maintain a desired state using effective coaching tools, set your goals and be motivated, manage your time effectively, increase your awareness and creativity at this interactive one day workshop...

Next workshop date TBA. 10am - 5pm @ The Dialogue Centre, Brighton

Course fee: £70 (or just £125 for you and a friend)

Course fee includes an additional 30 minute Skype follow-up (Skype session not available for the £125 two people offer)

fresh open courses are hands-on workshops with almost 80% of the time spent in practical activities. Therefore, in order for everyone to fully benefit from attending, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 16. So... don't delay reserving your place today as all our open courses SELL-OUT fast.

 Contact us for more details or book a place by following the link below.


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