Hove StressBusters - Pre-Christmas Special
Cranio-Sacral Therapy, NLP and Self-Hypnosis
Wednesday, 7th December 2011
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Cranio-Sacral Therapy with Jo Sawyers
Stress-Relief Through NLP and Self-Hypnosis with
Nikola Goranovic (INNERNATION)

At this month's session, Jo Sawyers, a registered cranio-sacral therapist, presented the theory behind this effective healing system. Based on whacky experiments conducted at the beginning of the 20th century by an osteopath, Dr Sutherland, which revealed that our cranial (skull) bones move all the time, as well as on the serendipitous finding by Dr Upledger in the 1970s that cerebrospinal fluid (the fluid which surrounds our brain and spinal cord) has its’ own regular pulse, cranio-sacral therapy has evolved into a very complex art of healing. Like with many such empirically-based techniques, it is as yet not clear what the true mechanism of its’ effectiveness is, but many client reports as well as a few clinical outcome studies which have been conducted until now confirm its’ benefits (go to www.craniosacral.co.uk for an overview of research studies). In addition to explaining the origins of cranio-sacral therapy and its’ relevance to stress-reduction, Jo also demonstrated a simple manipulation for releasing tension in the neck and head. We all had a go at performing this move on each other and the relaxation was immediate.

During the mince pie and tea-fuelled break, everyone had a chance to get to know each other and to chat about their views on stress and stress reduction. As a pre-Christmas present from Hove StressBusters, everyone received a special 30% discount voucher which entitles them to a reduced fee when paying for a block of sessions with one of the participating Hove StressBusters practitioners. The vouchers are valid until 7th of March 2012, are transferrable and can be used with more than one practitioner, enabling people to gain first-hand experience of the benefits of as many approaches to stress reduction as possible at the lowest possible cost.

After the break,After the break, Nikola Goranovic, an NLP Master Practitioner, wingwave® Trainer and Coach and the Co-Founder of INNERNATION Coaching & Development, taught us a simple Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) technique for reducing the volume of our ‘inner critic’, the internal voice which puts us down and reduces our self-confidence and thus the ability to achieve our goals (keep rolling that chocolate bead!). He then guided the group into a hypnotic trance state which helped us to identify a word that we can always think of whenever we want to regain our self-composure in stressful situations. Nikola has given us the script for this self-hypnotic routine so that we can all learn to use it in daily situations whenever we need to reduce our level of stress and negative thinking. Finally, we all had the opportunity to witness a mini NLP Life Coaching session with a volunteer in order to familiarize ourselves with the concept of coaching and how a coach may use a client’s own metaphors in order to facilitate their ability to focus and identify steps towards achieving a goal.