Hove StressBusters
Sedona Method & Energy Healing: Different paths to emotional freedom
Tuesday, 10th January 2011
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

Sedona Method: The Key to Emotional Freedom with Maya Zack (You Can Do Anything)
Wellbeing Enhancement Through Energy Healing with
Sapna Bhatiani

It is safe to say that the January Hove StressBusters event was a truly transformational experience! The session started off with Maya Zack (DHyp), one of the few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK, who gave a very informative talk introducing this powerful self-development method and the ideas behind it. The basic concept is really rather simple: by saying things such as “I am unhappy” or “I am anxious”, we identify ourselves with these emotions, we perceive them as an intrinsic part of our personality, which makes it impossible to separate ourselves from them. In contrast, if we say “I am feeling unhappy” or “I am feeling anxious”, it becomes clear that we are talking about emotions that we are currently experiencing and, as such, we can look upon them as objects that we can keep or throw away – it is entirely our choice what we do with them. Sedona Method, therefore, applies this approach of objectifying our emotions and uses a set of questions to challenge our determination to hold on to these ‘emotional bubbles’. Sounds really simple... a bit too simple, and yet when Maya started demonstrating how these questions can alter our perception of our emotions, the entire group was absolutely stunned at the change we experienced. We worked on several emotions that everyone could identify with (fear, anger, etc.) and, after going through a set of questions with Maya, these emotions were minimized and several people reported an almost physical sensation of empty space in their chest and stomach which was previously occupied with unpleasant tension related to the negative emotion. Some questions even made people laugh – it does feel really ridiculous when you realize that you are holding on to something which is rather unpleasant and yet, for no logical reason at all, you stubbornly keep holding on to it...

After this uplifting and liberating Sedona Method session, we were in for another treat (and here we are not referring just to the delicious raw chocolate bars that we were indulging in throughout the evening). Sapna Bhatiani, the energy healer who makes the aforementioned chocolate bars as a part of her mission to educate people about the benefits of superfoods, gave a brief talk about her work and the various techniques she uses. The best way to approach the topic of energy healing is not so much by talking about it, but by simply trying to experience its’ benefits. This is exactly what Sapna did: she led us through several exercises, such as deep breathing (it was incredible to realize how shallow our breathing normally is!) and feeling and stretching our Chakras. This latter exercise seemed a bit whacky when we first started practicing on each other, but by the end of it most of us seemed to get it and the feelings were really... well... impossible to describe... a description of stretching the Crown Chakra that many people seemed to agree with was “like pulling stringy cheese”. To finish off, Sapna did a group Oneness (“Deeksha”) Blessing – we all sat with our eyes closed, imagining that she was touching our head, and... that was it! Again, there are no words to describe the sensations and, indeed, it is difficult to know whether different individuals had different sensations, but by the end of the session everyone looked really blissful and the overall atmosphere was euphoric.