Wednesday, 4th December 2019, 7.00-9.30pm
@ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove

 Ayurveda & Mindful Creativity
Ayurveda and the Microbiome
with Julie Ulbricht
Mindful Creativity - The Art of Self-Care
with Philippa Aspey

Engaging in creative pursuits, in whatever form that may take, is becoming a widely recognised method of sress-reduction and self-healing. ‘I am not a creative person’, I hear you say!! This is the number one self-limiting belief that many of us hold, but challenging and overcoming this can lead to immense health benefits. Mindful creativity aims to reconnect us with aspects of ourselves that have been suppressed, primarily because they are not valued in our western perfectionist culture. Philippa Aspey is an Integrative Psychotherapist/Counsellor, Workshop Facilitator and Artist. She has been practising in the field for 18 years, and has a keen interest the link between health and creativity.  In this talk and demonstration, Philippa will share with us the simple magic of mindful creativity. It requires no specific tools or techniques, just curiosity and a willingness from you to try a different approach. It encourages play and experimentation, to help you shift from linear to lateral thinking. This, in time, increases awareness and creates flexibility, choice and new perspectives, ultimately aiding the healing process. And most importantly, it can be FUN! .

Research is now confirming the importance of the microbiome for our overall health – something that Ayurveda stated over 2,000 years ago! Damage to the microbiome is implicated in a huge range of health conditions and is exacerbated by aspects of our modern lifestyle such as the over-prescribing of antibiotics. We can look after our own gut health when we understand the microbiome – what it needs and how it affects us. Julie Ulbricht is an Ayurvedic Practitioner working in London and Sussex with over ten years experience of helping clients to improve their digestion by following a few simple rules. She will be sharing some of the insights that Ayurveda offers into this fascinating realm.

The Hove StressBusters Team is looking forward to welcoming you all to this exciting event!

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