Wednesday, 3rd June 2020, 7.00-9.30pm

 Stress Busting
with Family Constellation and Unleash Your Voice
  hosted by Lauren Stoney

Family Constellations  
with Liz Sleeper
Unleash Your Voice with
Adrienne Thomas

Family Constellations - or transgenerational healing - are a powerful means of identifying and transforming the hidden forces that impact on our everyday behaviours and choices. Family constellation workshops use human representatives to "map" a person's family and explore the difficult family dynamics across generations. People participate in a workshop on two levels, either as an issue holder - if you have a burning issue that you are desperate to solve -, or as a representative, which enables you to find out more about constellation work as well as gain insights into family systems and dynamics which affect us all. It is difficult to explain or imagine family constellations, but people who attend a workshop come away with a deeply held experience of honour and respect, a stronger sense of connection with themselves and their family of origin, and a "touching of the soul". Liz Sleeper is passionate about Family Constellation work and its impact on people's lives. In this talk, Liz will introduce us to this incredibly powerful approach and enable us to gain some first-hand experience of what a typical workshop would involve.

He who knows the secret of sound knows the secret of the whole Universe” - Imrat Khan

Sound is one of the major building blocks of the whole Universe. Apparently even the earth is emitting a sound. Adrienne has, over many years, developed a way of tuning into and developing our own unique sound or note, which when directed into one or all of the seven major energy centres of the body and beyond, can release the full power of our own vibrational frequency and its ability to heal us, connect us to one another and to source. It doesn’t require any previous experience in voice, nor do you need to have a “good” voice, just a willingness to explore without judgement and to enjoy a unique experience.

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