Adrienne Thomas                                                                                                
   Voice Practitioner, Voice Therapist, Vocal & Performance Coach @ Unleash Your Voice

Adrienne has been working with voice as a tool for growth and transformation for over 30 years, working  with groups and individuals all over the world.

The work has grown from  self study and direct experience as Adrienne sought to deepen and widen the scope of her work. She has studied with  a number of voice practitioners and explored the ancient worlds of sound and chakra energy as well as contemporary scientific research on the ability of sound to change molecular structure.

She guides participants in a series of simple but profound vocal exercises or cycles, which are designed to open up the sound chambers of the body and allow for the free movement of sound and energy. She creates a safe and boundaried space in which to explore the potential which may remain untapped in each of us. Participants report feeling deeply relaxed with a tremendous sense of well being and personal power following a workshop as well as enjoying the glorious sounds which they have created together.

She has written a book about her work, Unleash Your Voice and continues to work with groups and individuals as well as continuing her own work as a singer/songwriter and poet.


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