Anna Barrick CST MCSS, MBTPA                                                                                
   Upledger Craniosacral Therapist, Bowen Therapist &
   Brainbuzzz Practitioner @ Anna Barrick Therapy

Anna has worked in Brighton and Hove as a full time complementary therapist since 1996. She has experience in many therapeutic techniques which all enrich her current work. Anna is dedicated to supporting people on their journeys’ of recovery, helping them find greater balance, awareness, health and well-being.

Anna is passionate about helping people who feel they are stuck in areas of their life or are experiencing chronic health problems. She uses various techniques to help her clients discover the origins of their 'stuckness' or poor health. These include; conversation, feeling where the rhythms of movement in the body are restricted, feeling where the body tissues are structurally imbalanced or misaligned and feeling where distressing passed events have left a disruptive effect within the energy field of the body.

All of these restrictions will be impacting on ones’ current health and well-being in some way. Be it, reducing the vitality and function of our organs, nervous system or immune system. Developing an entrained stress response pattern. Restricting our physical range of movement and activity, or holding us back mentally or emotionally.

Often it is when we reach a point of overwhelm from the build-up of many different events over the years that ill health ensues. This can be the prompt to start unpacking the many stories of our lives and really see how we have been affected by them. Anna is particularly interested in working with Post Traumatic Stress and its many manifestations.

Anna finds the combination of both conversation and gentle non-invasive body work either using craniosacral therapy or Bowen therapy very effective for enabling clients to 'let go' of the impact of their many experiences both emotionally and physiologically from their tissue. The body can then structurally re-balance and align itself. Once clients have identified the deeper effects of events in their lives and are freed from their impact, they are empowered to make new choices for themselves.

Anna had personal experience of Dyslexia as a child and is very aware of the deeper complexities to sensory processing conditions. These can include anxiety, fear and broader socially limiting implication. They may present with balance, coordination and dexterity difficulties. Also inability to concentrate or follow instruction is also common. She trained in Brainbuzzz out of empathy and desire to improve the lives of people experiencing these sensory and neurological difficulties.

There are many causes for our neurological development to differ from person to person. Sometimes it is due to the genetics in the family but it often has many contributing factors. These include stresses like difficult births, stresses or traumas during the pregnancy or in the first year of life. Also, the illnesses we contract or the way we respond to medical interventions or vaccinations in our early months and years can disrupt or break down the delicate neural connections that are establishing when we are young.

The great thing is that whatever the cause, there is a lot of help to be received by replicating the conditions that prompt our natural development. What this means is, by stimulating the 5 senses in a specific way the brain gets better and better at integrating the information from the senses. Then with good sensory input, processing of information can naturally occur better. Therefore we are in a stronger position to understand and interact with the world.

Anna trained and qualified in Craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute who’s founder Dr John Upledger pioneered the technique. She has completed post graduate trainings in Paediatric Craniosacral therapy (working with babies and children), Craniosacral therapy for Conception, Pregnancy and Birth, and further Post Graduate Courses for working with the Brain, the Enteric Nervous System (digestive system), Sensory Integration and the Immune System. Anna has continued to update her training with the very latest courses from the Upledger Institute since 2007.

She trained in NST (Neuro Structural Integration Technique), a highly respected form of advanced Bowen therapy, in 1998. She has also trained in Fascia Bowen. Anna treats a full range of conditions in adults but she also offers a Bowen Children’s Clinic.

Bowen Children’s Clinic
Due to its gentle approach and balancing nature, Bowen is well known as an effective therapy for children. Complaints such as asthma, allergies, digestive troubles, growing pains and coordination difficulties are all reported to respond well. Parents also report children are more relaxed, are more able to focus and concentrate as well as sleeping better.
There is a long history of Bowen being used to treat a full range of developmental difficulties in children with very favourable results, particularly conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and Dyspraxia.

Anna trained in the Brainbuzzz techniques with Sue Cook at the College of Neurological and Sensory Development in 2013.