Benita Scott  BSc (Hons) AAMET                                                                                   
   Experimental Psychologist using nutrition and therapy to achieve change @ Essential EFT

Benita Scott is an Experimental Psychologist qualified to Practitioner status in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Matrix Re-Imprinting. She has over ten years experience of face to face counselling and has been living and working in Brighton and Hove for over 30 years.

Benita has always been fascinated with Psychology and people and has trained in many different therapies. For her the discovery of EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting has been a major life changer. She has helped and healed many clients from addiction, insomnia, tinnitus, anger, pain management, weight loss, toothache, anxiety and PTSD but also she has achieved a great deal in her personal life. Her arachnophobia which once prevented her from even going into a room with a spider in has completely gone and now she can deal with them quite happily. Also an allergy to cat fur has gone and she is now the proud owner of a tabby cat.

'Healing my allergies and the phobia were just the tip of the iceberg, the real change has been in me. I now feel more congruent, real and alive. My energy now flows easily and when I am triggered I use EFT to find the blockage and bring about the healing. EFT often works where many other therapies have failed and it does this by being specific to the client. Energy therapy is a very individual process which gets to the core of the matter quickly and gently.  It’s amazing and the results last!' - Benita Scott

Energy therapy has been scientifically validated to be extremely effective in a short amount of time. Benita is in collaboration with Professor Anthony Stewart of Staffordshire University, who ran a recent study in NHS Sandwell showing the benefits of Matrix Re-Imprinting in a clinical setting. Patients showed significant improvement in only five sessions on average.

Benita offers a FREE initial consultation. She works via Skype or at Hangleton Holistics. All consultations are confidential and Benita Scott is insured and professionally registered with the American Association of Meridian Energy Therapists.


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