Em Burnett                                                                                                                    
   Tai Chi, Qigong and Neigong Instructor @ Wellspring Internal Arts

Studying since 2001 in the Taoist Water Method with lineage holder master Bruce Frantzis and his senior instructors, Em is a certified Energy Arts Instructor offering Tai Chi, Neigong and Qigong instruction to further the benefit to all of this vibrant living tradition. In 2002, she also undertook a 3-year professional diploma training in Shiatsu & Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of the Shiatsu Society.

Em is continually deepening her experience within the healing arts of Tai Chi, Qigong and Shiatsu and is excited about sharing her deepened awareness and feel for these ancient arts with others.

These ancient arts can help release your natural ability to heal and grow - to support harmony and balance in the flow of Qi ('chee' ~ life-force energy) within cycles of inevitable change.

In her early 20's, Em felt ill at ease in her own skin and began regular acupuncture treatment and a Hatha Yoga practice. Gradually, the art of living comfortably in her body began to permeate her life and awakened a deeper focus on health and wellbeing. Since then, Em is dedicated to initiating others to these ancient arts and enjoys sharing the rewards of cultivating 'playful persistence' in connecting with your life force energy (Qi).

As rivers and streams steadily smooth their path down a mountainside, to practice in the way of water enables us to steadily release blockages that impede the vital flow of our Qi ~ to restore the vitality for life.

By developing a self-healing practice, we can be curious to our senses and enjoy our everyday experience of living in a body! The longevity practices of this ancient science of life can be utilized to restore and maintain our natural equilibrium.

"As someone lacking in hand-leg coordination, physical classes worry me. Em’s classes are patient and gentle, and they encourage a playful and kind exploration of one’s energies. Her Qigong moves are well-explained, and I feel much more relaxed and energised after sessions. 15 people showing up on a sunny summer evening for Qigong tells me that... there is something Em is doing right!” - Dr Perpetua Neo, 29


        Hove StressBusters

                                                                                                 with Em 

Mondays 8.15pm - 9.15pm @ Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove
Drop-in Qigong classes - £8/£7 conc. per session (or £24 for 4 sessions)
*** 10% OFF with the Hove StressBusters Card ***

This 'energetic' (exercising your energy !) workout is low-impact, suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, beginners are very welcome...

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"Around this time last year I started 1:1 lessons. So... I had no idea what I was getting into; I thought I was going to learn a bit of tai chi; learn to manage dodgy joints and pain; become a ninja (didn't actually think that but would be cool). I was completely unprepared for the opening of pandora's box, that I'd all of a sudden have to confront the fact of actually being human, having a heart, learning how to feel what's in it, and terrifyingly for me...ask for help, over and over. ...
Dealing with things in a raw, feeling kind of way rather than just reasoning my way out of it is completely new territory, which I think I forget. Despite rushes of old pain and habits, I'm more forgiving of myself and my body, which I really did see as an enemy, just always working against me. There are times when I've been able to thank it for what it's done, which I could never do before. I can also run, which I assumed I'd never be able to do again.
I'm just really appreciative of everything, and so thankful that I started all this. ... Also just have so much respect for the way that you're so committed to your own learning and growth, thank you for sharing the stuff you come across like the EFT.
Thanks for a pretty great (and/ confusing, messy, scary, fun) year.
" - Eleanor Brown, 26 


Weekly Sessions:

Tai Chi in the Laines
Tuesdays 6.00pm - 7.15pm
@ Purple Turtle Wellbeing, Brighton BN1 1YA

    £10 / £8 concessions OR £48 for 6 classes
    *** Your first class with Em is always FREE! All welcome :) ***