Emma Hiwaizi  BA(Hons)                                                                                   
   Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher, Co-founder of Brighton Laughter Club   
   @ Brighton Cheerful

Emma has not always been a laughing yogi. She has a background in publishing and founded of the Green Guide for London and Juno Magazine, which she published and co-edited for 7 years. She has a degree in anthropology from Cambridge University and has studied NLP, double loop learning, clowning / creative intelligence and compassionate communication.

Emma was initially attracted to laughter yoga after a particularly stressful period in her life and was hooked from the first session, from which she emerged feeling both relaxed and energized. Her sessions are playful and include games from childhood to help us connect with our inner child.

She has found regular practice of laughter has been the best possible antidote to stress and helps her to keep calm in the face of stressful situations such as moving house and dealing with builders etc.

Laughter energises, relaxes, calms, and connects us. Regular laughter can help us to become more playful and creative in our daily lives and significantly reduces stress. Laughter increases oxygenation in the body, boosts endorphin levels, boosts the immune system and increases our resilience to pain.

Sounds silly? It is! Take you out of your comfort zone? It just might… However, when we laugh, we breathe deeply and we release endorphins and it seems to be a magic combination that both energises and relaxes, uplifts and calms and fundamentally helps us to connect to one another and to a more playful and fun-loving aspect of ourselves.

Emma trained as a laughter yoga leader in 2011 and runs laughter and play sessions for schools, businesses, universities and social enterprises in addition to creating bespoke sessions for private clients (for events such as birthday and hen parties). She is the co-founder of Brighton Laughter Club, which meets weekly in the heart of Brighton and she trained as a laughter yoga teacher in 2012.



Drop-in Sessions:

Brighton Laughter Club

Thursdays  9.30am - 10.30am
@ Little Dippers, 42 Upper Gardener Street, Brighton BN1 4AN

    £5 per session