Genevieve Picquart                                                                                          
   BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor
   Therapeutic Tango Facilitator @  Hove Psychotherapy


Genevieve Picquart has been practising as a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist for over 30 years and is Senior Accredited with BACP. She has a private practice in Central Hove, working with individuals as well as couples in English and French language.

Her main trainings were Counselling, Bioenergetics, Psychosexual Counselling And Therapy and Clinical Supervision. However, she has always been fascinated by the relationship between psyche and soma, so one of her most influential trainings was Analytical Body-Psychotherapy.

Genevieve strongly believes that body and mind are indissociable, and trusts our bodies to give very important and precious messages from the Unconscious. One day, she discovered Argentine tango and realised how much tango points out what we need to explore and improve in ourselves.

 “Tango is the meditative yoga of dance”

There are many recognised physical benefits that tango can bring: posture, the way we move can be much improved. Balance doesn’t have to be lost as we get older but can get better instead thanks to exercises. Suppleness and stability can get better thanks to warm up tango exercises . On the psychological level, tango can bring so many insights as it is a partner dance. The way we interact with the person we dance with can tell us so much about ourselves.

Discovering tango was pivotal to Genevieve's work when she realised it could be used as a powerful tool in the therapeutic process. This is how Therapeutic Tango became a major part of her work.

This therapeutic approach to tango is meant to find out so much about yourself and others. In tango, we have to connect with another person, just like in a relationship. For this connection to work, we need to express ourselves clearly enough, just like in our lives. Physical assertiveness can really help with verbal assertiveness.

As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Genevieve tends to work with long term issues ranging from: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, addictions ( drug, alcohol, gambling, pornography, sex etc...), abuse ( sexual, physical, ritual, satanic, verbal), anger management, OCD, bereavement, to divorce and conflict resolution. She also runs regular Therapeutic Tango workshops in Hove and often uses this approach in couple therapy too.

 In Genevieve’s Therapeutic Tango workshops, there is always the opportunity to improvise. Tango music is known to lift the mood. You do not need to be a dancer at all to get so much out of this very complete dance. Just allow yourself to be open to new discoveries.


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