Helen Thatcher                                                                                                  
   Vital Development Dance Facilitator
   & Holding for Healing Practitioner @ helenthatcher.com


Helen is a warm and welcoming workshop facilitator, with 14 years experience of leading groups. She has a joyful and enthusiastic approach to life and brings an attitude of both light-heartedness and profound depth to all her work. During the 10 years she spent studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation in her 20's and 30's, Helen developed a strong base in approaches to mindfulness training and techniques to focus the mind on loving-kindness, acceptance and compassion. All of which enable her to be very present and open with her clients.

She attributes her most rapid personal growth to Vital Development, a system taught internationally, that incorporates music, movement and physical touch to assist participants' personal journey of releasing energetic blocks held in the body and to experience an increased sense vitality and aliveness.

Vital Development is a method of awaken more joy, more playfulness and more creative expression in people's lives and for regular participants it is safely, gently and profoundly transformational.

Through skillful combination of music and movement the group are provided the opportunity to experience, explore and embody a variety of positive emotions thus allowing them to re-member who they really are: vibrant, energetic, passionate, powerful beings who can enter into deep states of relaxation, peace, stillness, connection to themselves and others.

Helen loves her work, which is totally heart-centred, and is extremely competent and well-loved teacher here in Sussex. In February 2016 she also launched Holding for Healing. This is non-sexual, physical touch therapy, also known as Cuddle Therapy, that includes embracing, cuddling and hugs. Delivered fully clothed and offered in therapy and well-being centres in the South East of England, Holding for Healing provides a much needed re-compensation for the lack of compassionate, loving touch in many of our lives today.