Irina Blosse                                                                                                           
   Scaravelli Hatha Yoga Teacher and
   Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Therapist @ Alive Yoga


Irina completed her Yoga Teacher Training with the Unity School of Yoga in Brighton and teaches Yoga for Wellbeing classes for adults as well as the parent and child yoga. She is also a Thai Yoga massage therapist and offers Thai massage to people in the Sussex area.

Irina has been practicing hatha yoga for over 15 years. It has helped her in her life in so many ways: it has helped to heal her back, improve her posture and breathing and made her calmer and more centred.

'In a way, yoga practice feels like coming home, into a place of calmness and peace within me. At the same time yoga has allowed me to experience a greater sense of connection to people and nature.' - Irina Blosse

Her teaching approach has been influenced by Vanda Scaravelli and Donna Farhi as well as the Shivananda and Integral Yoga traditions. This type of yoga can be practised by people of all ages and gender, young and old, from those who are physically fit to those with chronic conditions.

'There is a way of doing yoga poses (Asana) without the slightest effort. Movement is the song of the body.'- Vanda Scaravelli

At the core of Irina’s teaching lies an understanding that our bodies have an inner intelligence. Our movements are meant to be free and effortless, our posture buoyant and gracious. Our breath should be free flowing, our mind sharp and engaged in the present moment, free from the ‘clutter’ of obsessive thinking.

Irina teaches Yoga for Wellbeing classes in the Patcham area of Brighton on Mondays and Tuesdays. There are daytime and evening classes. People of all ages and abilities including absolute beginners are welcome. Irina also offers weekend workshops throughout the year in Brighton and Sussex. She is fully insured and holds a First aid certificate.


CONTACT Irina to for more information about Yoga classes and workshops (the first class is FREE) or to enquire about Thai Yoga Massage Therapy. Visit Alive Yoga website for up to date class timetable and details.