Jessica Walker BA(Hons) MGHT                                                                                    
   Indian Head Massage and Traditional Thai Foot Massage specialist
   & Peer Support facilitator @ Jessica Walker Wellbeing


Jessica has over 5 years experience as a peer support worker, teacher and therapist.

She started exploring the world of alternative therapies whilst at university in 2014, as a way to facilitate her own journey of mental wellbeing and her health conditions. At 18 months old, Jessica was diagnosed with a cerebellar tumor, which was successfully removed although left her with developmental dyspraxia and ataxia. Growing up, Jess developed depression and anxiety, which affected her development in education and employment.

At university Jessica studied music practices and professional teaching approaches in group and one-to-one settings. She developed a passion for peer support through her own explorations and achieved a 1st Class grade in her Teaching Practices module and a BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship. After graduating from university, she qualified as an Indian head massage and Thai foot massage practitioner.

Her experience and training in working with people with mild learning disabilities and mental health conditions,  has deepened her interest in wellbeing and taken her career in the direction of peer support work.

 I've worked with people with mild learning disabilities and mental health conditions, giving them employability support. At the moment I work with adults with complex needs at Grace Eyre doing a range of activities. Specifically, I work in the singing group, the art group and the computer skills group.

Jess has a warm and welcoming approach with her clients and thoroughly enjoys her work at Dottie’s Café, East Brighton Park, providing massage treatments and one-to-one sessions to the deaf and hard of hearing as well as to anyone else who comes to enjoy this lovely community cafe and treatments.

I am experienced in the use of Strengths Based approaches, Constructivist Theory and Positive Psychology, and bring this experience to my professional practice. I work with my clients to identify their needs, acknowledging their emotional, mental, work and lifestyle conditions, to personalise treatments to each individual.

‘I found Jess and her skills at just the right moment when I was suffering with stress. It really helped that Jess is so friendly and genuine. She helped me establish a clear mind, which put me in a much better mood and meant I could continue with my day/week making better and more positive decisions’

Jess is a registered member of The Guild of Holistic Therapists and the Digital Champions Network, and continues to explore training opportunities to broaden her knowledge and skills to work with varying needs of clients.