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   Body Stress Release Practitioner (MBSRA) & Posture Coach
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Laine Redpath is one of only two Body Stress Release practitioners in Brighton and Hove. Her background is in theatre (dance and physical theatre) and journalism. She qualified in March 2016 from the Body Stress Release Association, Europe. More here. Underpinning her practice is her belief that small changes in posture and the way we move and the way we think about moving can have huge effects on our bodies and their resilience. Release from tension has benefits for so many areas of our lives and ourselves.

BSR is relatively new to the UK - it's a progressive pain and tension relief technique that does what it says on the tin. BSR is recommended for issues ranging from anxiety and depression to chronic back pain and frozen shoulders. The idea is that overwhelming stress - whether sudden or over the long-term - has to go somewhere and often it is stored in the body sometimes for months and years. Laine focuses on working closely with her clients to develop the best practice for them and includes posture advice and exercises as part of a stress release package.

Two examples of feedback from clients are given below. For more, please visit:

"I had chronic lower back pain last year and having tried Osteopathy, massage etc I decided to try West Pier Body Stress Release with Laine. She correctly diagnosed that the pain was referred from tension in my neck, which no other practitioner had noticed and prescribed several sessions to correct the tension in my body. During the process the pain began to shift and I doubted the whole thing but incredibly after a couple more sessions my pain disappeared completely. Now I visit Laine once every month or so for a maintenance session! but am living completely pain free. I cannot recommend Laine highly enough. Her diagnosis was spot on and she has sorted out my back totally."

"I had three sessions with Laine in July 2016 and for the first time in over a decade I haven’t had a single panic attack, not one. In moments that usually trigger them, they (miraculously) haven’t occurred. I’m a pretty mainstream, western medicine person and can’t pretend to understand the mysteries of the body or how it all works. But whatever she did is incredible, and the frightening tight chest pain is gone. And what’s even better is that I don’t have to take medication any more either! Even if you don’t have any particular ailments, attending Laine’s sessions are the most soothing and comforting experiences. It’s like having a massage! A more professional and devoted therapist I have not met. And if you have any questions, I had many, you won’t leave until she has answered every one of them. She is truly gifted and I can’t recommend her practice enough."

Body Stress Release is for everyone, from infants to the elderly, and is also safe during pregnancy. Clients are amazed that such a gentle technique can be so effective in relieving their aches, pains and other symptoms of stress.

For more information visit the BSR UK Association's informative website or call any listed practitioner who will be happy to chat:


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