Lesley Hughes                                                                                                      
   Certified Chakradance Facilitator,
   Advanced EFT Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach @ This Life Now

Chakradance is a gentle but profound healing dance practice for body and soul. It integrates music, specially created to resonate with each chakra, spontaneous dance, guided imagery, Mandala art and Jungian psychology into the most inviting form of dynamic moving meditation that is accessible to anyone over 16.

Lesley’s love of dance began at 5 years old and was solely responsible for giving her confidence and a feeling of self esteem. By the time she was 12, she was dancing in competitions, performing in pantomimes and shows and taking every exam possible. Dance and then also drama lessons took up the majority of her week outside school and she adored every minute of it. When she was 16, she left Blackpool and went to London to train professionally for a career in Theatre Arts.

For the next 20 years, performance was the thread that ran through her life whether it was theatre, film, tv, cabaret, stand up comedy, there was always something happening, some project, rehearsal, audition or show.

And then, while co-owning and running a popular London restaurant & bar and still acting, the urge to do something that felt more important, more in service to others arrived very strongly and she trained to be a Personal Life Coach with the Coaching Academy. It was 2003 when life coaching was little known and hardly recognised in the UK.

That was 16 years ago and she credits the transformative nature of life coaching to have intrinsically changed her own life as she has worked closely with each client. Her coaching business This Life Now offers one to one personal coaching focusing on personal peace, authentic self -expression and harmony with life.

Lesley supports and encourages every client, whatever their ultimate goal may be, to live in presence, in gratitude, in celebration and in Freedom. As her Instagram account says, she is a freedom warrior!

Lesley feels that her true nature is to dance and in recent years it has taken the form of flamenco, then Charleston and also the wonderfully liberating 5 Rhythms. In fact, it is now in free, spontaneous dance, without any set routine that the passion is burning fiercely.

So, Chakradance fits the bill, and the strong desire to bring even more dance back into her life both for herself and in her work with others led Lesley to 3 months intense training to become a certified and licensed Chakdradance facilitator. She is now able to lead others to journey deeply into the world of their Chakras via music and dance as a way to bring about gentle healing and balance and the organic integration of mind, body & spirit.

Those that have taken part say:

‘I was amazed at how differently I moved in each chakra and my whole body was able to experience the personality of the individual points. I felt I was really appreciating the subtle parts of me by allowing them to be expressed physically. For me it was a celebration of creativity and the whole self through movement, dance and awareness’ - Alison Martin Lloyd, life coach

‘If you’re open to trying new ways of discovering who you are on a deeper level then I open heartedly recommend being guided through an immersive and possibly (as it was for me ) transcendental journey into the chakra dance. Explore, dance and find how your different chakras change how you feel, morph you and bring you some experiences you may not be expecting.’ - Paul Cowland, personal fitness coach

While Lesley is still committed to offering her mindful based approach to life coaching she is also currently on a mission to share this divine and wholly liberating practise of Chakradance with as many groups and gatherings as possible for, she feels that just like life coaching it has transforming qualities that can and will change our lives for the better.

Lesley teaches Introduction to Chakradance every Friday at 7-8.30pm from her home studio.