Guest Speaker: Mark Claireaux MSTAT

As a back pain sufferer himself, Mark gained a terrific amount of benefit from the Alexander Technique. He knew much of the problem was related to bad posture, but was quite shocked at how he held stress and undue tension in his body, not only in the obvious places, ie. neck and back, but also in shoulders, hips and ankles, etc.

It took time but he went from being on very strong prescription drugs to becoming relatively pain-free. He felt he had gained control of his body rather than being a slave to it. This impressed him so much that he decided to embark on the 3 year training course to become an Alexander Technique Practitioner.

There is nothing physically aggressive about the work. On the contrary, it is a process of allowing the pupil to release tension and interfering habits, at a pace that suits the individual. Comfortable clothes that you are happy to lie down in are advised.

Qualifying in 2004, Mark is a full member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and he teaches from his dedicated studio in Spring Street, Central Brighton. He also holds regular workshops and classes at Brighton Natural Health Centre and has tutored at the Brighton Alexander Technique College which is a training facility for those wishing to become Alexander Practitioners themselves.

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