Maya Zack DHyp, MBSCH                                                                                                 
   Hypnotherapist and Sedona Method Practitioner @ You Can Do Anything

Maya is an experienced hypnotherapist as well as one of the very few Sedona Method practitioners in the UK. She has trained with the prestigious London College of Clinical Hypnosis, as well as under the guidance of Hale Dwoskin in Sedona, Arizona.

Maya has been specialising in personal development work facilitating success in all areas of life; whether health, career or relationships. Passionate about human consciousness and potential, she has been providing both individual and group work; empowering individuals for easily achieving goals; for becoming powerful creators of one's lives; for achieving success as well as experiencing profound and lasting peace of mind, clarity and happiness in the Here and Now.

Hypnotherapy is a natural and powerful way of accessing our subconscious mind; addressing mental processes, de-programming and re-programming, while the Sedona Method directly accesses emotional processes and feelings and instantly releases and frees one of any unnecessary programming or suffering.

Working with these two techniques and integrating both the mental and emotional aspects of the subconscious, one can experience huge and powerful transformation easily, rapidly and effortlessly; enabling letting go of any limitation, obstacles and blocks in the mind, whether these are past experiences, negative thoughts or feelings, limiting beliefs or fear that have been standing in one's way.

Maya is also a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner, preparing mums and dads for a healthy, calm, stress-free and often pain-free birthing experience.


CONTACT Maya to make a booking or for an informal discussion.

Session prices:

    £70 per session (first session 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions 1 hour);
    4 sessions booked in advance: £240

    £195 over 2 sessions

    £70 per session (first session 1.5 hours, subsequent sessions 1 hour);
    5 session programme: £295
    2-day intensive course: £485
There is a 30% discount when booking with friends to form a small group

    £330 for private course
    £250 for open classes -
currently starting every 1st Thursday of the month
                                                @ Yoga Mamas Studio
      If booking with friends to form a small group, it will be at the same cost as open classes but
      classes can be arranged around your schedules.