Millie Ferguson  BSc(Hons)                                                                                           
   Nutritional Therapist @ Millie Ferguson Nutrition

Millie is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, member of BANT and CNHC. Millie’s Functional Nutritional Therapy work is devoted to the prevention and management of chronic diseases like diabetes, dementia, heart disease, chronic fatigue and osteoporosis. She has set up The Healthy Ageing Clinic at the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre.

In her work Millie focuses on the connection between our health and our lifestyle, diet and environment. This connection has long been recognised. Despite that, we continue to ignore the importance of these factors. Now that genetic research has failed to discover a specific gene for diseases like diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and most cancers and chronic diseases, finding the underlying causes of these condition becomes key to their prevention and for maintenance of health.

' As a late onset diabetic of 71 I have to thank Millie for my continued good health since I was 63. I was too far gone into diabetes for a cure, but nevertheless her influence on my health by diet is staggering. ' - Colin  

Millie applies scientific knowledge and the tools of systems biology to assess how the client’s diet, lifestyle and environment may be affecting their health. This approach means that each client is given a unique personalised program for optimal health. This patient-centred model of health requires that the individual participates fully in managing their health.

'I was suffering depression with low motivation and problems with my sleep and an alcohol issue. After a consultation with Millie Ferguson, I was recommended a nutrition/dietary plan with one to one progress sessions. With much help and encouragement over the next few months, Millie monitored my condition. She seemed competent in her work, kept regular meetings, wrote many notes about me, reassessing and finely adjusting the situation according to my needs and progress. I am back to normal life now thanks to Millie's good work. I have and would continually thoroughly recommend anyone no matter how serious their problem, to Millie.' - Dennis  


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