Nicki Gillard                                                                                                             
   Author of 'Diary of an Ex-Insomniac: Introducing the Insomnia Ditch-And-Switch'
   Sleep Coach @ Ditch&Switch

Nicki was a dedicated schoolteacher for many years before retiring due to insomnia. She took up writing after that and kept a daily diary which evolved into a book, 'Diary of an Ex-Insomniac: Introducing the Insomnia Ditch-and-Switch'.

Alongside writing, she reads widely. While writing her memoir with its focus on tackling insomnia and stress, she benefited from the scientific research of authors who are experts in their particular field. They led her to confirm or adjust her thinking and gave her the confidence to trust her ideas and experience.

In the book Nicki invites anyone who has stress in their life (she thinks that covers everyone) to read from her diary with its struggles and discoveries. She wants to share her ideas with readers, so they can decide for themselves if there is anything in her journey that can help them with theirs.

She also wants to share her ideas by talking to people and listening to their experiences of insomnia and the stresses of day-to-day living. She has started to do this by holding drop-in sessions at a local café, and she plans to extend these to talks and workshops.

Nicki’s approach is based on changing mindset, ditching being an insomniac and switching to the new mindset of not having insomnia anymore. She calls this the ex-insomniac mindset. It centres on the mind-body connection.

She has the enthusiasm and motivation to pass her ideas on to others, knowing that many people suffer from insomnia as she used to, and she is confident she can help!


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1-to-1 Sleep Coaching:
  - 60 minute session: £50
  - Block of 3 sessions: £120
  - Block of 6 sessions: £200