Guest Speaker: Nicola Price

Nicola is a qualified Inspirational Breathing Facilitator and founder of The Power of Inspirational Breathing. She is passionate about sharing the simplicity and deep healing that Inspirational Breathing offers to all age groups - babies, children, teenagers and adults. She works from her home in Brighton and organises retreats in the UK and abroad.

The practice of Inspirational Breathing has been demonstrated to:
• Re-connect to a natural breath pattern
• Gain relief from many symptoms that cause ill health
• Increase energy levels
• Help deal with stress in a healthy way
• Improve the immune response

Nicola also works with Reiki. She is the founder of Yogagroov, classes that deliver a combination of dance and yoga. She has found it can be a perfect precursor to a breath session! A qualified coach, with a background in corporate leadership training, Nicola brings all these skills into her intuitive mix to create an environment and experience that is uniquely individual.

The Power of Breathing
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