Philip Milburn  MA                                                                                                  
   Musician, Voice & Music Tutor and Facilitator @ Life Music

Philip is a multi-instrumental musician, music tutor and facilitator who has been teaching singing, guitar, piano, songwriting and percussion to adults and children for over 20 years. Philip has also been leading music workshops and community choirs for a wide range of client groups for 17 years – in adult education, with young people, elders, and people with learning difficulties and mental health support needs. He recently graduated with an MA in Participatory & Community Arts from the University of London Goldsmiths College. Previous training includes Musicianship (Jazz & Popular Music), Music Workshop Skills, Secondary Music Education and workshop facilitation (at the Findhorn Foundation).

Philip’s leadership style is relaxed, informal, fun, flexible and responsive to the needs of a particular group. His work emphasises inclusivity and participation, creativity and self-expression, communication, social interaction and fun, and he is skilled in creating a safe space in which to explore your voice and music in a light-hearted yet profound way. Philip believes that creativity, self-expression and fun are fundamental to learning music, and he teaches all students to improvise, compose, write songs, and play freely during groups, lessons and individual practise. This ensures a thorough grounding in creative singing and music-making which prepares students for other opportunities in the future. It can also just be for fun, and the joy of community-building!

Philip has studied music and life for many years, and his path has been about building his own self esteem, confidence, courage and self-discipline as well as studying the technical aspects of music. This has given him the experience and understanding to be able to help and inspire students to find their unique musical and vocal self-expression.

Philip has been leading community voice and music workshops for 17 years and will be starting a new weekly Sound & Voice Playshop in September in conjunction with Hove Stressbusters. 

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