Guest Speaker: Russell Potts

Russell Potts is a Hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor, as well as certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer who specializes in teaching Ericksonian hypnosis and direct approaches to hypnosis. His influences are from multiple perspectives and he's worked alongside world class leaders in the field. He also distilled the work of the late great medical and dental hypnosis legend Dave Elman and co-taught the work with Elman’s son. Russell's courses range from core skills, hypnosis certification and master classes all the way up to instructor level. His teaching style is easy to follow and he has an ability to distill information and processes so they are easy to learn and understand. His courses are recognised by many prestigious professional associations in the US and UK.

Heres what others say:

 "Russell is a gifted trainer in Ericksonian Hypnosis. He is very generous with time and support. A very sensitive and creative hypnotherapist.”- Angela Avis, Hypnotherapist & Counsellor

"I have trained with Russell on several occasions, he is personable and his teaching techniques ensure every student leaves taking maximum knowledge with minimum effort. He is kind and ethical and his approach is always dynamic and fun, he evokes equality rather than a student/teacher feel to his groups. His knowledge is vast and he gives it away in spades. I highly recommend Russell and I would say to anyone thinking about working with him – just do it !" - Anne Denny, Therapist

“Russell Potts, a true master and wonderful teacher for all those who want to touch the life of others and themselves and grow and become more of who they truly are and can be. Someone who loves and excels in his craftsmanship and truly serves the people he works with. I have not met anybody with the width and depth before in the art of hypnosis who is there to serve you with everything he can.’’ - Rik van Bastelaar, Licensed NLP Trainer

‘’Russell is an extremely approachable trainer who makes it all seem so easy and elegant. I really like the way you train and the respect you show your delegates and the safe environment you set up.’’ - Kerry Jones, Trainer

‘’I think the overwhelming thing I have learnt is to trust my own instinct and unconscious mind in therapy to best help the client. My own background is in training and I’m qualified to teach the adult sector. From a teaching perspective I just wanted to let you know what a great style you have and it was apparent there was a great degree of teaching skill being used aside form any NLP / Hypnotherapy.’’ - John Paradise, Hypnotherapist

"Very patient understanding and encouraging, Able to pace the course to assist the needs of each individual whilst meeting the learning objectives." - Vanessa M. NLP Practitioner

‘’I would recommend your course, you are excellent at teaching and the course is paced very well.’’ - Jane H., Hypnotherapist

‘’I came to hypnosis One as a complete novice with no knowledge or training in hypnosis forty eight hours later I have a wealth of knowledge that I would feel comfortable and confident to use. The whole learning experience was a joy and a privilege to be a part of. ‘’ - Jackie S.

‘’Great Facilitation on all levels ‘’ - Sue D., Hypnotherapist  


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