Tali Rose  MA                                                                                                               
   Dance Movement Psychotherapist & Movement Matters Facilitator
   @ Movement Matters


Tali has a background in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and in 2009 she obtained her Masters of Arts qualification in this discipline. She has trained with and apprenticed to Dr. Sandra Reeve as part of her “Move into Life” programme from 2008 till today, and worked with movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo in Java.

In ancient times we know people danced as a part of life, to mark rites of passage, to express and move through times of grief, conflict and celebration. The same needs to happen today to remember our soul purpose and our place amongst things.

Tali holds the belief that we are always on the social stage of life and therefore always performers and audience, at the same time. By becoming aware of how we move in our everyday lives we can highlight our choices and move into our full potential of being, cultivating the attitude of being delighted with who we are, can be and what we have to offer in this world.  

Tali holds weekly Movement Matters workshops in Brighton. These sessions are the time and space to welcome in reflection, unwinding, releasing tension, enhancing your confidence and building strength and flexibility in your body, mind and heart.

See the Movement Matters Facebook page for more information about upcoming classes.