Tom Gerber                                                                                                             
   Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Counsellor &
   Bodywork practitioner specialising in oncology massage @ Brighton Mind Body Therapy


Tom followed a winding 12 year path through meditation, QiGong and martial arts. His interest in mindfulness lead him to Vipassana meditation - he has attended many 10 day Vipassana retreats and spent a year managing a Vipassana meditation centre in the UK.

This personal journey culminated in Tom's training in both Hakomi Mindfulness-Based Counselling and Bodywork in 2006. He now offers Hakomi mindfulness-based counselling as well as physical bodywork in Brighton and Hove for people who are facing psychological or physical challenges.

Hakomi Counselling, as Ron Kurtz, Hakomi’s founder, describes it...

...'is not about talking out your problems. There won’t be long speculative conversations about your troubles or your history. Hakomi is designed to assist you in studying the processes that automatically create and maintain the person you have become. It is a method of assisted self study. It requires that you enter into short periods of time where you become calm and centered enough to observe your reactions, as if you were observing the behavior of another person, a state called “Mindfulness”. '

Bodywork is a nonviolent practice that aims to support the body's natural defenses, which allows you to let go of unhelpful tension and past injuries, thus freeing up your body for new experiences and ways of being. Since he is also a trained counsellor, Tom can help you deal with any emotional or life issues that arise as a result.

Many of us are limited physically and mentally by our habitual patterns of being. Bodywork allows more physical space which can lead to more mental spaciousness as well.

During his massage/bodywork training, Tom specialised in Oncology massage and is currently sharing his skills as a complementary therapist by volunteering with cancer patients at the Macmillan Cancer trust.

Prior to moving to the UK, Tom was a seasonal worker in various outdoor jobs around the world: Wild-land Firefighter, Tree-planter, Organic Farmer, Gardener, Wildlife Biologist, Wilderness trekking trail maintainer. When not working as a therapist, he teaches horticulture to Special Education Needs teenagers in a special school and lives in Brighton with his wife.


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