Guest Speaker: Vivienne Barnes

Vivienne is a qualified therapeutic counsellor. Her specialist subject is WellBeing and Emotional Health. She sincerely believes that her work can help people feel more at peace and indeed be more happy!

She was born in Brighton and later life moved her to Yorkshire, Hampshire and Hove. She now lives in West Wittering with her husband Mike. She had a full career in the world of business, marketing and fundraising and back in 2005 created a peace movement necessitating in developing a peace/interfaith charity seeking to focus on the golden thread of similarity of all faiths.

During her life she has experienced typical difficulties such as redundancy, divorce, family difficulties, bereavement, bullying and more so feels that she comes to the sector of ‘coaching and counselling’ with a very real sense of the world.

A very fun and positive person on the face of it, politically and socially aware with a deep sense of how very fortunate she is and a willingness to help others

Therapeutic Counselling: Why Relationships Go Wrong?
Hove StressBusters Talk & Demonstration Evening, 5th April 2017