Body Stress Release


Body Stress Release (BSR) works by releasing tension or 'body stress' that becomes stored on the muscles. This stored tension, which may have built up over a life time, or is the result of an accident or stressful event, is contributes to the pain you experience on a daily basis. Our bodies are designed to deal with stress in a positive way, but too much stress on the muscles can lead to pain, stiffness, postural distortion, numbness and cramp, and times of emotional stress can trigger or make existing back pain worse.

People get used to living with pain, thinking there is nothing they can do about it - BSR does not force or crunch bones back into place, instead, by gently releasing stress from the muscles, we provide the stimulus for the body to begin the natural self healing process.

Body Stress Release has been extremely effective for back pain, sciatica, slipped disc, headaches & migraines, neck problems, whiplash, trapped nerves, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, bad posture, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and IBS.

How did BSR begin?

Body Stress Release was started in 1986, by two South African Chiropractors, Gail & Ewald Meggersee. They became increasingly dissatisfied with Chiropractic, and believed it was not the most effective way to treat their clients. Through their research, they developed a new, unique technique that bought about dramatic improvements for their clients. They began to teach this technique, leading to the establishment of The Body Stress Release Academy in South Africa.

Body Stress Release is now practiced around the world, and in 2014, The European Body Stress Release Academy began in Dorchester. There are now over 30 practitioners in the UK, and word is spreading fast.


BSR is a fantastic technique, which works – but it is your body, which is designed to heal itself, which does the hard work, BSR optimises your bodies ability to heal itself. It is important to book three initial appointments for you over a period of two weeks. It is important that you attend all three appointments as Body Stress Release works as a process and some clients can experience increased sensitivity, especially after the first release.

Published by Hove StressBusters
October 2015