Why Coaching?

By Nikola Goranovic and Dr Jelena Nesic Goranovic  


All events, negative as well as positive, that disrupt our inner balance and cause an emotional and physiological reaction, are considered to be stressful. As such, stress is an inevitable part of human life. While we all enjoy having positive experiences and do not even think of them as being stressful, negative life events can often push us to our limits and we find ourselves struggling to deal with them.

If you are facing a challenging situation in your private or professional life, Coaching will prepare you and help you deal with it head on. Successful managers, entrepreneurs, world-class athletes and renowned artists have all reached their peak and remained at the top of their game while working with a Life Coach. Coaching enables us to achieve work-life balance, deal with difficult people, strengthen our mental resilience, and change unfulfilling situations.

Coaching can be a short-term intervention, using effective techniques such as wingwave®, or a longer-term gradual process of self-development applying a variety of approaches, from hypnotherapy to neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and other cognitive techniques. Some coaches effectively use Reiki healing as part of their work too.

Coaching with stress management is not a psychotherapeutic method for dealing with a mental illness but a straightforward approach that will support clients in developing new behaviours and habits. Thousands of healthy, high-functioning people have identified and accessed their potential and talents while working with a Coach. Coaching helps individuals learn how to face the future without dwelling on the past. It is preventative, providing clients with effective tools to deal with the stress of future situations whilst teaching them to release any old regrets.

In addition to stress management, many coaching methods are very effective in resolving a number of other issues which can be reinforced by stress.

Life Coaching

Coaching through change can help put into perspective each aspect of the transition.  It may be that you are actively instigating change and looking to explore how best to make it effective, who to engage, how to minimise resistance etc.  Alternatively, you may be in the middle of a change which has arrived as if from nowhere, leaving you feeling disempowered, and you are looking for some tangible steps forward.  Managing yourself through a change is an essential skill for facing the increasing challenges of the 21st century. Life Coaching will enable you to develop a degree of comfort with ambiguity, which is one of the first steps in mastering your ability to create and embed change in a personal and professional context.   Understanding the change process and exploring non-judgementally the responses of others to change can minimise conflict, enabling supportive transition.

Life Coaching is ideal for those who wish to identify how to get more out of life and are willing to take action to achieve their goals.  The Coach will guide you on a journey of exploring all aspects of your life situation, motives and abilities in order to identify where you have the potential and energy to achieve more or where there might be an imbalance.  Through accurately defining specific outcomes, recognising your motivators and strategies that work for you, in addition to putting you in touch with the wealth of resources you already possess, Life Coaching can help you prioritise how and where you spend your energy thus enabling you to achieve the positive results you deserve. 

Life Coaching is a journey of self-discovery that will increase your self-awareness and help you overcome all psychological barriers to progress, providing you with the potential to improve your self-esteem and confidence. 



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