"A Lead Role in a Cage"
The Goals of
Matrix Re-Imprinting Therapy

By Benita Scott


The title track of Pink Floyd’s album ‘Wish You Were Here’ has many different meanings for different people. Composer Roger Waters explains that it’s about being present in the moment, being ‘in the trenches’ as he puts it. It’s a song about being real and being here in the now.
Matrix Re-Imprinting, derived from
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is an incredibly powerful therapy which aims to work deeply within past memories to release the triggers and ghosts of the past. Allowing us to be - be here, right now.


Who's in the driver's seat?

The name Homo Sapiens means ‘Wise Ape’. Our wisdom is a product of our thumbs and our consciousness. We have a choice or a curse with consciousness, we can be here right now or off dreaming, perhaps deluded in other worlds, but can we really ‘tell heaven from hell?’ The discriminating conscious mind tells us we can but only through a myriad of filters, screens and historical experiences. We feel autonomous, but so many psychological tests and our own experience show how we can be and are, manipulated every waking moment of our lives.

Furthermore, the conscious mind isn’t even in control for at least 95% of the time. The real driver in the seat of power is the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, although the driver is in charge, 95% of the time he/she cannot learn for that is the role of the conscious mind. Biology and evolution work best together taking shortcuts, finding the fastest route to survival and as we are designed primarily to survive at all costs, thriving is secondary. So the subconscious will run the show based on downloaded memories and remembered effective behaviour patterns. When you consider the fact that most of these programmes are laid down before age 7 you may start to realise how some of these early memories can have a profound influence over our lives. And that some of our strategies to survive may not actually be the best solutions.

 Early life programming

Between the ages of 2 to 7 years old our brain waves are in a pattern known as Theta, as an adult experiencing Theta we would be in a deep hypnotic state and as such very suggestible to any information that was given to us. People can be easily hypnotised to believe an onion is an apple for instance, in the same way that children really do (if told) believe in fairies or Father Christmas.

Unfortunately not all conversations with children are so fantastical and encouraging of a belief in benefic beings.

Children are often told to shut up, that they are naughty and not to express their emotions. Think for a moment what this download of information, done without much discrimination, does to the subconscious. Unfortunately a lot of parenting imprints fear, feelings of self-doubt, feeling unloved, weak and flawed. As adults, if we trigger these feelings again, we can go back emotionally speaking to that very same age where the behaviour was originally inputted.

Matrix Re-Imprinting takes the client back to the original memory and resources the ECHO (Energetic Consciousness Hologram). By re-coding the information from an objective rather than subjective point of view and also tapping (on acupuncture points) which reduces the activity of the amygdala, we can de-traumatise the individual. This re-coding is important not just for huge emotional traumas such as rape and assault, but also for the less extreme traumatic memories that have left the scars of negative self-beliefs.

 Stress and inflammation

Core beliefs which stop us from being who we really are inhibit us from thriving and because of the mal-adaptive behaviours they encourage (internally and externally) they make us sick. Of course the body isn’t trying to make us sick, it’s trying to help, trying to adapt in order to survive. At the very core of the stress process is inflammation: when the inflammation occurs it protects the site of injury and floods it with cells and nutrients. If the injury site is a scratch than that’s perfect, but if it’s within the body then this adaptive process backfires. If the injury is in a joint, it can trigger arthritis, and if it's in the mind... current studies are showing that inflammation in the brain could be at the root of depression. By alleviating the stress, we can remove the trigger and change the behaviour.

The action that kicks off the programme is known as a trigger and can be literally anything that is within our perceptual experience, from a certain kind of sunlight, to the tone of someone’s voice or even the ticking of a clock. The behaviour that results can also be anything, although with the development of Meta-Health (a diagnostic tool that works well alongside Matrix Re-Imprinting and EFT) we are finding more and more that certain inputs will generate specific and predictable behaviours. For example a separation conflict will generate a skin response – Psoriasis, Eczema or another dermic reaction.

Matrix Re-Imprinting works on a psychological and a physical level to alleviate trauma. I have successfully used Matrix Re-Imprinting to heal a number of physical conditions, from allergies to severe debilitating health conditions. I have seen real illness disappear and become no longer detectable on an MRI scan. I have watched a man trigger and then untrigger his eczema and watched it reappear and vanish. I have also seen bruising go before my eyes when the specific trigger was found and then tapped on. I am not a medical practitioner; I believe integrative medicine is the way forward to complete healing. We need both medical and energetic systems as one does not necessarily detract from the other.

When we really are here now, instead of just wishing, we can do more than just survive. We no longer play the ‘lead role in a cage’ we can be free to be present and plan our future without our fears self-sabotaging.


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