Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI):
The Stress Detectives

By Nicki Edgell   

Essentially evolutionary biology bringing together scientific understanding from various fields including: psychology, neurology, endocrinology, sociology, immunology.

The interactions between these systems, the environment and a person’s genes and epigenes ultimately determines a person’s behaviour, health and the chance of becoming ill.

Many of today’s chronic illnesses are a result of modern lifestyles which are vastly different from the way we evolved.

Clinical PNI is a practical science that offers a wide range of treatment options for many modern day chronic diseases: chronic fatigue, diabetes, IBS, skin conditions, allergies, gynae issues, emotional issues – anxiety, depression, anger, PTSD, OCD etc.

Deep learning: teaching the patient/client about their disturbed pathways, getting to the cause of the cause is the starting point to therapeutic interventions.

So in a nutshell I describe what I do as something akin to the Sherlock Holmes for health – a stress detective!!

There are a wide range of interventions I might suggest depending on what comes up during our consultations….I usually work by getting new clients to book in for an initial block of 3 sessions. During the first consultation we seek out the cause and do some deep learning: this lead onto making a plan of action in the second consultation with interventions to diet, exercise, supplements and psycho-emotional tools at a pace that is right for you. During the 3rd consultation we see how you are responding and adjust the plan as necessary to move you to where you want to be in body, mind and spirit. (more info on the Hove StressBusters site and on my website)


Food choices: evolutionary diet
Exercise – strength and endurance in a fasted state
Here and now activities
Oxytocin – hugs
Red wine!
Circadian clock
Re-live a positive experience
Breath work
And more – and of course each person will need different things so chocolate isn’t good for all!! Whereas, hugs are!

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